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Le Hong Thai artist

Le Hong Thai was born in 1966 in Hai Phong, a port town in the northern part of Vietnam.

After graduated from Hanoi Fine Art College, he eagerly set about innovating the traditional technique of lacquer and silk painting. The meditative aspect of his work appeals to viewer's mind with its intense graphical power.

1995  "Drowning=Solidity" Solo Exhibition, Salon Natasha, Hanoi, Vietnam 

1996 "Lack Erde Steine" Museum for the Lacquer Art, Munster, Germany
           "Lacquer International" Fujita Vente, Tokyo, Japan 
1997 "New Start" Solo Exhibition, Red River Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam  
           "Passe-Present" Solo Exhibition, Maison des Arts Europe-Asie, Paris, France 

1998 "Spirit of Hanoi" Bau Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 
           "Vietnamese Contemporary Art Exhibition" Gallery Art U, Osaka, Japan 

1999 "RienCarNation" (with Vu Dan Tan) Pacific Bridge, Oakland, CA, USA 

2000 "Clear Sound" Salon Natasha, Hanoi, Vietnam 

2001 "Vietnamese Contemporary  Art Exhibition" Tochio Art Museum, Niigata, Japan 

2002 "Vu Dan Tan / Le Hong Thai" ART U, Osaka, Japan

2007  Receive medal of French Literature and Art by 

2010  "Le Hong Thai ft Nguyen Van Cuong"  "Where are they now?" , Alicia Blue Gallery in NE Portland


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